1- Proceedings Book with ISBN( Abstract papers and Full papers)

2- Sustainability  / Special Issue “Incentives for Sustainable Economic Growth and Societal Wellbeing”. A special issue of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050). https://www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability/special_issues/Incentives_Sustainable_Economic_Growth_Wellbeing Deadline: 6 June 2023, SSCI Index

3- Journal of Risk and Financial Management / Special IssueClimate Risk and Sustainability: The Impact on Insurance, Investments, Financing, the Banking Industry, Business and Social Models” https://www.mdpi.com/journal/jrfm/special_issues/Climate_Risk_Sustainability_Insurance

Deadline: 31 March 2023 WOS- ESCI / SCOPUS Index

4- Risks / Special Issue “The Risk Landscape in the Digital Transformation of Finance and Insurance”


Deadline: 30 November 2022 WOS- ESCI / SCOPUS Index

5-Computation (ISSN 2079-3197) / Special Issue “Credit Risk Modelling: Current Practices and Applications, https://susy.mdpi.com/academic-editor/special_issues/process/1076207,  Deadline 2023-03-31 WOS- ESCI / SCOPUS Index




6– Scrivener publishing Wiley. Call for Book Chapters “The Impact of Climate Change Sustainability Standards on the Insurance Market”. Deadline  30 November 2022


7- Emerald Publishing; Contemporary Issues in Finance and Economics (Scopus Index)  Special Topic: Digital Transformation, Strategic Resilience, Cyber Security and Risk Management, Vol 111,  Free- But, Proofreading is compulsory. We can serve by cost. Deadline 30 November 2022, Expected Publication date is June 2023


8- Emerald CSEF Vol 112 (Scopus Index) / Contemporary Challenges in Social Science Management: Skills Gaps and Shortages in the Labour Market / Deadline: 15 February 2023 / Expected Publication: December 2023