Dear Participants

We are pleased to host you at the International Applied Social Sciences Congress VII- (C-IASOS – 2024), which will take place between 02 – 05 October 2024 in Peja, KOSOVO in person and online.

The Congress will be held in cooperation with Haxhi Zeka University, Malta University, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova and University of Rijeka Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Croatia, The Congress language is English and Turkish. However, the Prooceedings books will be in English.

The main purpose of our congress is to contribute to the development of our civilization by sharing and developing scientific studies, practices and experiences in the fields of Social and Human Sciences, Educational Sciences, Sports Sciences, Fine Arts, Natural Sciences and Engineering and creating new perspectives.

This year’s theme of the Congress, which continues its existence with the motto of “Applicable Knowledge for a Sustainable Future”, will be ” Managing Risks towards a Sustainable Future “. However, it is open to topics from all fields of social sciences and multidisciplinary topics.

We would like to invite you, to the VIII. International Applied Social Sciences Congress (C-IASOS – 2024) in Hybrid form and wish you all the best.  

With Respect

C-IASOS Congress Organizing Committee